Elenco Snap Circuits for Kids – An Easy & Fun Way to Teach Electronics

Elenco Snap Circuits for Kids

Elenco Snap Circuits JuniorA Engaging and Fun Toy to Teach (and learn!) Electronics

With a Snap Circuits kit from Elenco Electronics, kids are walked step by step through the basics of electronics in a fun and engaging way.

The hands-on, fun projects appeal to  kids – particularly boys, ages 8 and up.

Each kit comes with a plastic project board, a project manual with clear easy to understand directions, and an well-organized tray of all color coded electronic components needed  to complete the electronic projects in the manual.

The color-coded components are all insulated in plastic with metal snaps connectors. There are no tools need,  no wires to hook or clamp, and no soldering is required.

Snap Circuits SC300 - Holiday Savings & Free ShippingEverything just snaps together,  making the projects easy, safe, and very kid-friendly.

The very first project starts kids off building an Electric Light and Switch, moving on to an electric fan, and then on to more fun electronic projects like:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Flying Saucers
  • Laser Gun
  • AM Radio
  • Burglar alarm, and
  • electronic games they can play with siblings and friends.

And Through All the Fun Projects, Your Child is Learning!

Through the Snap Circuits projects, kids (and adults!) learn about the basic components of electricity, the do’s and don’ts  of bulding electronic circuits, switches, motors, resistors, electronic sounds, and integrated circuits – All while having fun and building cool projects!

This highly-rated, Award-Winning series of electronic Snap Circuit kits are so much easier to use (and safer!) than the electronic kits of old. Even though the recommended age range begins at 8, many parents report interested children as young as 6 have used the Snap Circuit kits successfully with a little parental help.

Great for Children with Dsylexia & Learning Disabilities Too!

The hands-on projects, snap together components, and numbered, color-coded manual illustrations  make it easy for struggling readers and children with learning disabilities to complete the snap circuit projects confidently by themselves or with friends.

Struggling readers can easily decipher the illustrations using the numbered steps and color-coded illustrations & componets, giving them a boost of self-confidence and self-reliance. The safety information does need to read, but even those are color-coded and illustrated making them easy to spot.

Award Winning Snap Circuit Kits by Elenco

Elenco’s Snap Circuit Kits have won nine awards for being fun, educational toys, including:

  •  Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products
  • Dr Toy Best Educational Products
  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • Education.com’s A+ Award
  • ASTRA’s 2010 Best Toys for Kids

To get started with Snap Circuits, choose from one of the four circuit kits:

Snap Circuits Jr SC-100Snap Circuit Jr. SC-100 provides a great introduction to electronics for kids ages 8 and up.  Snap Circuits Junior includes over 100 projects, including how to make sound effects, build touch circuits,  and build different types of alarms. List price is $32.99, but we’ve regularly found it on sale for less than $20.

Snap Circuits SC-300Snap Circuit SC-300 provides a solid introduction to electronics for kids ages 8 and up.  Snap Circuits SC-300 includes over 300 projects, including all the projects in SC-100, plus over 200 more.  List price is $66.99, but we’ve  found it on sale for less than $40.

Snap Circuit Pro SC-500 provides a solid elementary education in electronics for kids ages 8 and up.  Snap Circuits Pro includes over 500 projects, including all the projects in SC-300 plus over 200 more.  List price is $97.95, but we’ve  found it on sale for less than $75.

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750Snap Circuit Extreme SC-750 is the most through circuit kit for kids available from Elenco. With over 750 electronic circuit projects, Snap Circuits Extreme includes all the projects from Snap Circuits Jr SC-100, SC-300, and SC-500, and goes more indepth with another 200+ projects. Over 50 of those project also allow your students to view wave forms and frequencies on a computer, just as an electrical engineer would. It is the ultimate circuit kit for kids! List price is $133.95, but we  found it on sale for less than $90 during the holiday season.

Compare the Snap Circuits Kits Side by Side

Kit Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Snap Circuits SC-300 Snap Circuits PRO SC-500 Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750
Product Image
Ages 8-12 + 8-13+ 8-13+ 8 – adult
# of Pieces 32 60+ 75+ 80+
# of Projects 101 305 511 750
Projects Include: Includes 101 different projects, including a sound-activated switch, musical doorbell, aand a police siren. Includes all of the projects from the Sc-100, plus another 204 projects, including a photosensitive electronic organ, a lie detector, and an AM radio. Includes all of the projects from the SC-100 and SC-300, plus another 206 projects, including a music meter, an FM radio, and a digital voice recorder. Includes all of the projects from the SC-100, SC-300, and SC-500, plus 239 more projects, including a solar alarm, a rechargeable battery, and a vibration detector. Over 50 of the projects use a computer interface to view waveforms and frequencies.
Computer Interface No No No Yes, used for 50+ experiments
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
Link More Info More Info More Info More Info

What’s Included & What’s Not

All the electrical circuit parts needed to do all the experiments are include in each of the Snap Curcuit kits. A few experiments may need thin peices of carboard, which the manual recommends cutting from the back of an old spiral notebook.

The only items not included that you will need are 2  “AA” batteries for  Snap Circuits Junior or 4 “AA” batteries for SC-300, SC-500, and SC-750. If you don’t want your child playing with batteries, you can purchase the Eleno Snap Circuits Battery Eliminator instead. This will provide you with an AC/DC adapter component to replace the battery component in the experiments.

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 also includes a computer interface, and required software and cable, to be used with over 50 of the 750 projects. The computer interface allows your child to see waveforms and frequencies just like an electrical engineer.  To use the  computer interface you’ll need access to a computer with Windows operating system and a microphone, which are obviously not included in the kit.

Snap Circuits Upgrades & Project Kits

As your child builds their skills, you can either upgrade your existing kit or try out one of the speciality circuit project kits, like:

  • Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy
  • Snap Circuits® Electromagnetism
  • Snap Circuits® Musical Recorder
  • Snap Circuits® FM Radio
  • Snap Circuits® Motion Detector
  • Snap Circuits® Water Clock
  • Snap Rover®

Student kits and study guides are also available for the base Snap Circuit kits, which are perfect for teachers and homeschool co-ops wanting to use Snap Circuits in their classrooms.

 Where to Buy Snap Circuits Kits for Kids

Snap Circuits are sold by most hobby and craft stores as well as major toy retailers. Snap Circuits Jr is the most commonly found kit off-line in traditional brick n’ mortar storefronts.

Online, you can buy Snap Circuits kits from most major retailers. Prices do vary, sometimes greatly. In our research, we’ve found that Amazon.com usually has the bst selection of Snap Circuit kits at the lowest price with free shipping.

Ebay is also a good place to look for discounts on Snap Circuit kits. There’s usually a good selection of base kits in new and gently used condition. But, as with all eBay auctions, before bidding on a Snap Circuits auction, be sure to research what the best price available  is through other outlets, like Amazon, to ensure you get the very best price possible.

For your convenience, here’s the latest info from Amazon and remember you get free shipping with Amazon for any purchase over $25.

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