Interactive Circuits Activity for Kids

Circuits and conductor Interactive Activity BBC Science clipsBBC Science Clips has a great interactive circuits activity for kids, specifically around the concepts of conductors and insulators, and how different materials in a circuit can affect the flow of electricity.

There are a couple features of this activity that make it stand out in my mind. First of all, it’s interactive and fun. The activities are drag and drop, allowing you to try to different combinations and immediately see the impact of each.

click the speaker-icon to listen to text on -bbc-science-clips activitiesSecondly, every bit of text in the circuit activity is accompanied by this little speaker symbol. When you click on the symbol, the text is read to you in a natural voice, making this activity very friendly towards children who aren’t yet reading or dsylexic and struggle with reading.

circuit activity for kids at bbc science clipsThe first activity allows you to drag and drop different materials to see if they complete the circuit. By choosing from the selection of insulators (like an eraser) and conductors (like a coin), you see whether the circuit is complete and turns the light bulb on or not.

There are four activities in total.  Change the activity by clicking the blue arrow buttons at the top of the screen.

Optionally, there is also an interactive multiple-choice quiz to test your knowledge of insulators, conductors, and circuits. All ten of the questions, all of the possible answers, and the answers are all annonated with the speaker icon, making it accessible and fun still for kids who need that extra help.

bbc science clips interactive circuits and conductors quiz


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